Australian Bureau of Statistics Occupation codes

    Used to classify 'occupation' for market research analysis.

    (1) Managers.

    (2) Accountant, Registered Nurse, Physician

    (3) Associate Professionals. eg technicians, enrolled nurse

    (4) Tradespersons. eg builder, plumber

    (5) Clerical Advanced. eg qualified

    (6) Clerical Intermediate. eg general clerk

    (7) Production & Transport workers.

    (8) Sales & Service Elementary. eg shop-keeper

    (9) Labourers & related workers.

    ** No Occupations specified below **

    (10) Retired/Pensioner. No Further Information

    (11) Unemployed. No Further Information

    (12) Student. eg University or TAFE

    CLICK HERE to view detailed breakdown Australian Bureau of Statistics Occupation codes

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