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    Customers helped with their dog's behavioural issues...

    (for privacy reasons their contact details cannot be identified)

    G**** of Gorokan Mini Foxie 12 months - toileting inside, jumping, overly excited, pulling on lead

    A****of New Lambton French Bulldog 3 months - puppy training for attention issues, toileting inside

    N**** of Cherrybrook Boxer-X 4 months - feeding problems causing toileting inside, puppy training for attention issues

    K**** of North Epping Jack Russell 3 months - pulling on lead, jumping on people, barking

    V**** of Bella Vista Poodle-X 5 months - jumping on furniture, begging for food, toileting on carpets

    R**** of St Peters Staffy-X 5 months - overly excited, jumping on people, pulling on lead, puppy training for attention issues

    M**** of Riverwood Springer Spaniel 3 months - hyperactive behaviour, rushing through front door, pulling on lead

    M**** of Cherrybrook Cavalier King Charles Spaniel over 3 years - barking at strangers, jumps on owner, hyperactive, lacks attention

    J**** of Umina Maltese over 3 years - barking at dogs in park, jumps on owner, toileting inside house, pulls on lead

    Remember that the aim of positive reinforcement techniques is to create a well adjusted, calm and happy family pet !