"As an organisation, you can trust that we will manage and treat your personal data with respect; collecting, storing and managing it in an unbiased and secure way."

    WE COMMIT to the Fair Data Principles...

    (1) CONSENT. We will ensure that all personal data is collected with participants/respondents' consent.

    (2) USE. We will not use personal data for any purpose other than that for which consent was given.

    (3) ACCESS. We will make sure that respondents have access to their personal data that we hold, and that we tell them how we use it.

    (4) SECURITY. We will protect personal data and keep it secure and confidential.

    (5) RESPECT. We will ensure staff understand that personal data is just that personal and ensure that it is treated with respect.

    (6) PROTECTION. We will ensure that the vulnerable and under-age are properly protected by the processes we use for data collection.

    (7) SUPPLY CHAIN. We will manage our data supply chain to the same ethical standards we expect from other suppliers.

    (8) PROCUREMENT. We will ensure that ethical best practice in personal data is integral to our procurement process.

    (9) TRAINING. We will ensure that all staff who have access to personal data are properly trained in its use.

    (10) REPUTATION. We will not use personal data if there is uncertainty as to whether the Fair Data Principles have been applied.

    Our company activities are bound by the Australian National Privacy Principles, governing how we collect, use, keep secure and disclose personal information.

    CLICK HERE to download or view the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) 2014

    CLICK HERE to download or view the AMSRO member market research specific privacy code 2014

    We abide by the Australian Market & Social Research Society's Professional Code. The information that you provide to us will never be used to contact you for a sales type call.

    CLICK HERE to download or view the professional code of behaviour

    Any other queries?

    You can telephone our Administration office in Sydney 02 43242682 during normal business hours and a manager of the company would be pleased to speak with you.


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