FIELD & DATA doesn't just come together without serious controls put into place at every stage, from data collection to the final data file.

    Staff recruitment of individuals that fit the company culture is vital. At FF we look for interviewers who are eager to perform to the best of their ability with attention to detail and reliable accuracy. Only that sort of candidate can readily absorb the interviewer training which emphasises honesty and word-4-word administration of the questionnaire.

    Ongoing monitoring of interviewer output via performance statistics means that we can maximise quality but at the same time minimise costs so that we can provide to our clients cost effective solutions - we dont want to unnecessarily waste a cent of our money which translates into savings for our clients as we pass on 'pencil-sharpened' quotes.

    Data Collected has to be processed and this is the real business end where the research client receives the data which enables them to give insights to the end client.

    At FF we realise that the data needs to be clean and accurate. We use a variety of techniques to analyse the raw data to make certain that it is sensible, from hole counts and data mining to running cross-tabs by interviewer to eliminate the possibilty of bias.

    Quality is Assured at 'field' level by a high ratio of supervisor to interviewers allowing us to determine interviewer accuracy and we continually train for high quality verbatim recording and thoroughly probed responses.

    Data integrity is paramount and at FF we take it seriously. Coders and data entry staff are trained and their output is validated. We don't muck around - only the best coders and data entry staff are retained as our reputation rests on the final data that the researcher needs to be precise and right on spec!



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